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Martin (who “knows everyone”) never forgot about Cecelia’s existence when the time came to clean up loose ends among the Loyalists. But he realised that the situation was no longer in his control, and that they were going to fail. Sparing one maid wouldn’t atone for his mistakes, but it was a bit less blood on his hands, so he made sure nobody remembered Cecelia.
Daud’s ability to share his powers with the Whalers also involves a slow, subtle brainwashing, over time transforming recruits into fearless, heartless, and perfectly loyal assassins. Daud doesn’t know.
While the Outsider hates humanity for what they have done to his kind (the whales) he does feel a strange sort of sympathy for children. They are innocent and they don’t know what the adults and their ancestors have done. This sympathy is why he chose to empower the child as he did.
Samuel can carry a tune. Able to sing with the best of them. He doesn’t think he can though, and prefers to only sing when he’s by himself.
While the Outsider is old compared to humans, he is very young as far as gods go. Barely more than a child. He’s very immature, playing with people as though they’re his toys. Enabling certain ones with powers and talents because they are more ‘interesting’ than the others. And when bored, he will even try to pit the one’s he’s chosen against each other. All simply for his own entertainment.

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I believe that Corvo never got over the shock of Empress’ death, and his muteness is the result of that trauma.
Corvo is not Emily’s father.
I believe that canonically, Corvo was a vicious, cold blooded killer while Daud was the stealthy “few-kills-as-possible” assassin and that Daud was the only person Corvo spared during the events of Dishonored.